PhTv Chat Rules

1. Respect fellow chatters/viewers, avoid using bad/ offensive words.
2. Be friendly to everyone including the Anons and Moderators.
3. No Racism, Flaming , Swearing and saying Bad Words.
4. No Spamming (Images, Videos). Limit the number of Videos and Images you post.
5. No Advertising of other sites. Sites for information related to the topic is just ok.
6. Personal Issues should be dealt with PRIVATELY.
7. There are minor chatters so keep the topic sex-, violence- and drug free.
8. If you get banned, do not whine about it because you probably deserved it.
9. Do not ask to be a moderator, if the head mods think you deserve to be one, they will make you one.
10. No explicit roleplay. If you want to cyber, do it privately.
11. No flooding of message.
12. Do not post personal information such as full names, addresses, contact number, emails. If you want, do it privately.
13 . Lastly, SMILE & ENJOY!

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1. Dont let regular chatters know that your a moderator, act as a regular one.
2. Always give warnings to the chatters if they made a violation.
3. Chatters are allowed to omit three violations only intentionally nor unintentionally. Above that shall be subjected to automatic ban.
4. Letting know that you ban the violator/offender shall be voidable.
5. Banning rules must be kept by fellow moderators only.
6. Ban effectivity should be 48 hours minimum depends upon the offenders violation.
7. For minor violations gave them atleast 30 mins ban depends on your judgement.
8. Dont ban just for fun.
9. Dont get involve to the other moderators business. Only the Head Mod are allowed to unbanned the other mods business.
10. Be friendly to anons, treat them as a regular chatter but imposed tightly our rules.
11. Please don't delete or "poof" messages without a proper reason or just because you don't like what they said. Dont take it personally, simply ignore them.
12. Mod impersonating is bannable offence, get rid of users like that.
13 Provide what our chatters/ viewers need assist them time to time.

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